Almond paste

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Almond paste
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Traditional almond paste cakes

Almond paste is an edible sweet compound usually composed of sugar and almond flour and is the basis of many Sicilian pastry preparations.

Almond paste is a colorless paste with a floury consistency, less malleable and more moist than sugar paste, and its flavor is less sweet and less cloying than sugar paste or marzipan.

The fundamental difference lies in the fact that the almond paste is prepared cold, crushing the almonds with sugar and sometimes adding honey, while the marzipan is prepared in hot, very low heat, using the same ingredients until the sugar does not it melts completely, which is why the marzipan compound is more malleable.

Almond paste, as well as marzipan, comes from the recipe of the Martorana nuns who invented the famous Martorana fruit around 1150 with a mixture of egg white, chopped almonds and sugar.

Almond paste can be used in confectionery as a cover for cakes or to make decorations or modeling in the shape of flowers, animals, houses, etc ...

Or it can be used on its own to make typical pastries like mignon biscuits or nougat.

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