Pistachio nuts in shell

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Pistachio nuts in shell
Pistachio nuts in shell
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In Italy pistachio is grown in Bronte and Adrano, on the slopes of Etna. Pistachio is 83% lipid, 12% protein and 5% carbohydrate. The presence of minerals and vitamins is fair. Its fats are useful for the control of cholesterol, while the vitamin A of which they are rich slows down the action of free radicals.

Healthy properties
Pistachio contains many calories, so it is not indicated for those who must follow low-calorie diets; like all nuts, there is a risk of allergies; it is also not recommended for those with diabetes and hypertension problems.
For the rest, it has no particular contraindications, and its wealth of vitamins and minerals makes it an interesting food from the point of view of properties. Although it is mostly made up of fats, it is monounsaturated fats, which help regulate the amount of cholesterol in the blood and thus help the health of the cardiovascular system.

An aperitif food, to munch on in front of the TV; but also an ingredient capable of characterizing the seasoning of a pasta with its aroma and consistency, of giving crunchiness to the breading of a cut of meat, of making sweets, creams, ice creams and granita unforgettable. And pistachios are even more than this: they represent a fascinating world.

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